Project STAND

Self-guided Treatment for Adolescents Navigating Depression

The Project STAND Research Study is testing whether a 5-week, self-guided investigational mobile app can be a helpful treatment for adolescents with symptoms of depression. The app uses elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This fully virtual study is recruiting adolescents 13-21 years old. Adolescents under 18 will require caregiver permission to participate. Project STAND was reviewed and approved by Advarra, an independent institutional review board (IRB) and is submitted to NIH’s library of clinical trials.

The mental health crisis is real. Depression is the most common mental health disorder among adolescents and is a major health problem within the United States. Adolescent depression negatively affects school and work performance, social and family relationships, and other health conditions. Limbix is addressing this problem through the development of digital therapeutics. You can help fuel the progression of these digital therapeutics by participating in this research opportunity. Interested adolescents or caregivers can complete a brief prescreener to get started below!

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What’s involved in Project STAND

Meet with a team member virtually 

Attend a video call with a Limbix team member to learn about the study, provide consent, and enroll. Participants under 18 will attend this call with their caregiver and both will give permission to participate. If you have scheduling questions or concerns, please click the mail icon below. The team is happy to be flexible and accommodating with the onboarding process!

During this call, participants (or their caregivers, if under 18) will be asked to show a form of identification and provide contact information for the adolescent’s healthcare provider. 

Download the treatment or control mobile app 

Adolescent participants will download the treatment or a control mobile app to use for 5 weeks. There is no treatment content in the control app. 

Answer questions online

All participants and caregivers will complete online questionnaires before, during, and after the 5-week period with an additional follow-up questionnaire one month after completion. 

Get paid

Participants will receive gift cards up to $150 total for completing the study. Caregivers will earn up to $25 in gift cards for their participation.

You may be eligible to participate in Project STAND if you:

Are between 13-21 years old
Have symptoms of depression
Are fluent and literate in English (participating caregivers must also be fluent and literate in English)
Have a compatible smartphone (or other device) and reliable internet access
Are under the care of a licensed U.S.-based healthcare provider
Are located in the continental U.S., Hawaii, or Alaska
Have not been diagnosed with (or treated for) bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a psychotic disorder (such as schizophrenia), a substance use disorder, or an eating disorder within the last year
Have not started a new psychotropic medication or changed your psychotropic medication dosage in the last month. Examples include: Xanax [alprazolam], Zoloft [sertraline], Celexa [citalopram], Prozac [fluoxetine], Ativan [lorazepam], Wellbutrin [buproprion])
Have no plans to start or change treatment (for example therapy, medication,or other psychosocial treatment) for a mental health disorder in the next 5 weeks
Have not attempted suicide in the past year
Have no thoughts of killing yourself and some part of you is planning on actually doing it
Have not previously participated in user testing or clinical testing of the SparkRx app, or have used the SparkRx app
Have not participated in any other clinical research study involving a mental health intervention or treatment within the last two months
Do not plan to participate in any other clinical research study involving a mental health intervention or treatment in the next 5 weeks
Do not have a sibling who is a past or current participant in the study
FAQs about Project STAND
Questions? You can click here to schedule a 15 minute call with a team member.
You can also email us at or text us at (650) 489-6486
What is Project STAND?
What type of treatment is this? What is this not?
Who can sign up for the study?
Can I stop participating in the study at any time?
Is it safe to participate?
Will my data be safe?
What type of information is collected? How will it be used? Who will see it?
Who is monitoring the study?
What is the time commitment to participate?
Does the app or study cost anything to use?
Who gets the app?
How long will the study last? What happens after 5 weeks?
What are symptoms of depression? Do I need to be diagnosed with depression to participate?
What does the investigational treatment app do? How does it work?
Do you guarantee success/improvement?
How is the participant compensated?
What happens if I do not receive the investigational treatment?
Does my camera need to be on during the onboarding session? 
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